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Fertilizing and seeding residential backyard lawn with manual grass fertilizer spreader._e

Lawn Care Services

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Lawn Treatments

Lime Application

Lawns need lime when the pH in the soil is low. Lime will help keep the soil pH in balance, anything to low will stunt root growth and interfere with the uptake of nutrients. 

Fertilizer Application

Standard fertilizer using our trusted Scott's brand, we have seen exceptional results in the product we use, Trulawn offers different packages for the year, get in touch to add this to your mowing route.  

Project Based Lawn Care

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration is a process where the machine will plug its tines into the ground and remove 2-3" plugs. This is going to allow better airflow into the roots, this will also allow water, sun, and nutrients to penetrate further into the roots. This will encourage the lawn to stay healthy and firm. Aeration can also help prevent thatch buildup. 

Lawn Dethatching 

Lawn Dethatching is a process that removes dead layers from the lawn. A thick thatch layer can feel soft when you walk on it, or yellowish brown spots appear. A power rake spins its tines and is designed to remove thick layers. This opens up the ground allowing everything your lawn needs to penetrate the ground. Get in contact to schedule a thatch removal. 

Lawn Renovation

We offer our Lawn renovation plan to our customers designed for a more affordable transformation to your lawn. We have gotten a high request to renovate lawns during the spring and fall time, this consist of removing the existing lawn using a sod cutter, then resurface the ground with top-soil and hydro-seeding it, a new lawn should sprout within weeks.


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