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Snow & Ice Services

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Residential Snow & Ice 

Ice Melt Spreading 

Using our Mobile and tow behind spreaders, our team will load up the Ice melt and begin spreading accordingly to your driveway, walkways, and even back patios. We do a prior to event application, and an application during an event. Get in touch today to figure out flat rates and fees. 

Residential Snow Plowing

Using our ATV we will mobilize in certain areas of the neighborhood, for example. Existing mowing clients are priority and on the list, therefore we will be in the vicinity of our existing clients accepting new clients will either be through phone call or simply catching the ATV on the road and waving us down. to verify it is us we will use two LED whip markers in the back of the ATV that are green & yellow, you can wave down for a quick plow.

Please note during any event it may difficult to answer any phone calls or text for service, as we experience a high volume or request, our best advice is to notify us months prior
(October-November) that you would like to be placed on the list for snow plow and Ice.

Irrigation system Winterize

Through the months of October - December, our team takes our air compressor and de-winterize your sprinkler system. We will carefully blow out each zone and shut off the timers and system for the year. Initial start up of the irrigation will be done the following year. Irrigation systems need to be blown out before cold air freezes the pipes, this can cause for some serious maintenance damage to your system.  

Recurring Mowing maintenance members receive a discount for this service, if they add it to their mow plan.

Winter 2023 Service Areas

Lynden Washington

Snow & Ice Removal is crucial.

Snow and ice in your driveway is hazardous and causes concern for safety!











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