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Leaf Collection

October - November is when we begin to collect and blow leaves. We offer our customers two options to help keep leaves and debris off from their property. 

1.) Bi-weekly recurring property cleaning, the team will arrive each visit and blow or rake leaves into bins. The team will also dispose of any branches from windstorms.
Recurring Mowing Maintenance customers do receive a discount if you add this to
your mow plan. 

2.) One-time Leaf collection from the entire property area, this is going to be around the end of November, when all the leaves have fallen. we can add gutter cleaning for an additional price. 
Recurring Mowing Maintenance customers do receive a discount if you add this to your mow plan.

Project Based Service

Property Cleanup

Generally a property cleanup is going to consist of cleaning the entire area clear canvas, throuhg the walkthrough desired vegetation for removal or trimming will be marked and noted down. We also clean the landscape beds, mow lawn(if needed) and we can add in new bark for an additional price.

Bush Trimming

Bush Trimming Boxwoods, barberry bushes, arborvitae, trees under 7ft and hydrangeas, we do not prune back fruit trees, or rose bushes. get in contact today to get on schedule! our team ensures all trimming equipment is ready and sharpened for maximum precision cutting. 

Debris Hauling + Removal

We can haul multiple categories of debris, we have hauled away yard waste, construction site material that is no longer needed, rental cleanouts, and plant or bush removals using our dump trailer. We will load and dump the garbage from your property. This service is in demand during the winter months. Removals come in the form of removing unwanted bushes due to root growth concern, sight blockage, we can remove the debris. 

Gutter Cleaning

Our team members will safely climb up the ladders to your gutters, and begin removing the debris, we will haul into our buckets and away into our bins. 


  • clutter is often a good point of entry for pests, so removing it keeps them further away. Even standing water, if not removed, could invite pests like mosquitos to lay their eggs.

  • Trimming back shrubs helps maintain a tidy appearance throughout the season and often helps flowering shrubs bloom more profusely. During the winter, wind and ice may damage tree branches.

  • It improves curb appeal and reduces headaches! 











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