1. Edge the areas where concrete meets grass, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and patios

  2. String trim the area with a weed whacker carefully and slowly to avoid leaving scratch marks on fences, trees, and we trim around areas where the mower can't get to. or trimming is done a certain angle to have clippings shoot onto the lawn.

  3. Mow the lawn using commercial grade mowers, we bag all grass clippings into bins and dispose of them, we mow at appropriate height according to season. 

  4. Blow away debris from the areas such as sidewalks, driveways, garden beds(carefully) front door steps, and back patios in times of rainy wet weather we blow clumps from the lawn if clumps are left, this is unusual as we  mow at a slower pace.

Mowing Frequency & Schedule


Weekly Maintenance Service is 1 mow every week typically from April - July, this is where we switch to B-weekly for the months of July-August. This is only for non-irrigated lawns, lawns that are irrigated or consistently watered will stay on a weekly frequency from April - November. it is highly crucial for the climate of the Pacific Northwest.


Bi-Weekly Services are 2 services in one month, our team members would come every two weeks to service the property, Bi-Weekly rates are typically more higher than the weekly rates due to the fact of dealing with longer grass in the months of April-July & September - November

One Time Service

Our Weekly & Bi-Weekly service clients are the backbone to our company, they are our top priority respectively. Pre-Payment is required before service, we will not be able to complete service without payment in advance. Please give us as much time as possible, we often show up to properties that are tall and overgrown, our quotes will reflect that. 

Our Mowing Begins February/April and it ends in November 30th

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The Trulawn Lawn Care team brings a special technique when it comes to mowing your property, we are equipped with commercial grade mowers, weed-whackers, edgers, and blowers, our weed-whackers have guards near the string head, to prevent rocks or debris flying unsafely, this also includes our edgers. The team members go out and follow a 4-step process to ensure your lawn is in good overall health each week consistently, the team members will mow the property in different directions for the benefit of the lawns health and overall look. 




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